2018 LWOW Live Webinars


  1. (24 January 2018) Falling in Love with Your Problems: The Art and Science of Creating the Consumer Story and Customer Experience
    Webinar Goals: 1) underscore the importance of understanding the consumer/target audience in order to create products/services and messages designed for them; 2) provide tips and advice on how to conduct research on the consumer/target audience to better understand them and the user experience; and, 3) describe what is and how to create a “consumer story” and/or user-experience map.  
    Thought Leaders: Liz Reiser-Murphy, (Staff Attorney - Immigrant Youth Project) and TBD
  2. (14 February 2018) Bringing Your Idea to Life: Brand Identity, Targeted Marketing, Websites, Social Media, and More
    Webinar Goals: 1) underscore the importance of and difference between branding and marketing; 2) provide tips and advice on how to develop a brand identity for a new product or service that “talks” to the target audience; and, 3) describe how to develop a user-friendly, targeted website that is in keeping with your brand and aligned with your business.  
    Thought Leaders: 
  3. (28 February 2018) Building a Business Plan: It's More than Just a SWOT Analysis
    Webinar Goals: 1) teach how to put together a business plan; 2) identify the key components that should be included in a business plan; and, 3) differentiate good business plans from bad.
    Thought Leaders:
  4. (7 March 2018) Let's Get Personal: If Feedback is a Gift, Why is it So Hard to Give?
    Webinar Goals: 1) provide advice and strategies on how to give feedback (up, across, down; virtually and in-person); 2) identify key considerations to take into account when giving feedback; and, 3) share real life examples (what went well and what could have gone better).
    Thought Leaders:
    • Leah Cooper (Director at Leah Cooper Consulting), 
    • Alisa Fiddes, Counsel PSL, Founder, Legal Knowledge and Learning Team, Linklaters Global Projects, Energy & Infrastructure Group), 
    • Mark Swatzell, (Leader of Learning & Development, Managing Training for Corporate, External, and Legal Affairs)
  5. (14 March 2018) Bleepers and Bloopers in Client Service: Don't Let This Be You!
    Webinar Goals: 1) share real life examples of poor client service in the law market; and, 2) explore a new vision for how tomorrow's lawyers will work with and provide legal advice and service to their clients.
    Thought Leaders: 
  6. (4 April 2018) Bait-and-Switch? How Law Firms Recruit and Retain the Best Talent
    Webinar Goals: 1) outline what makes a great associate and/or lateral candidate (how can a candidate make a strong impression?) 2) share thoughts and opinions on how best to bate the best talent; and 3) reveal best practices for retaining talent so they don’t switch once you’ve hired them.  
    Thought Leaders: 
    • Jonathan Bond (HR Director at Pinsent Masons)
    • Sarah Chipping (Experienced Head of Service Delivery/Manager at Clyde & Co)
    • Fred Headon (Assistant General Counsel, Labour and Employment Law at Air Canada)
    • Scott Westfahl (Professor of Practice and Faculty Director of Executive Education, Harvard Law School)

2017 LWOW Live Webinars


  1. 25 January 2017
    Leading a Law Society or Bar Association:  The Best Thing, The Worst Thing, and What I Learned the Hard Way.
    Thought Leaders: Hilarie Bass, Fred Headon, Hermann J. Knott
  2. 8 February 2017
    Art of Being An Entrepreneur in Law:  Being Scrappy + Business-minded
    Thought Leaders: Alessandro Maiano, Heather Strachan, Mike Suchsland
  3. 22 February 2017
    Innovative GCs: Changing the Way Legal Does Business
    Thought Leaders: Horacio Gutierrez, Juan Carlos Mencio, Emma Zipper
  4. 1 March 2017
    Financial Times Innovation Awards: It's Not About Winning, It's About Wanting
    Thought Leaders: Alastair Morrison, Amy Rudd, Reena SenGupta
  5. 8 March 2017
    Blockchain Technology + How It Will Transform the Practice of Law
    Thought Leaders: Joe Dewey, Jeff Seul
  6. 15 March 2017
    Branding and Brand Pyramids: How to Bring Your Project of Life to Worth
    Thought Leaders: Phyllis Dealy
  7. 22 March 2017
    Legal Ops Roundtable
    Thought Leaders: Raj Goyle, Scott Milner, Justin North